Hey y'all. I'm a sophomore in university in the US. girl. 19. I love to draw! Send me a message if you wanna talk :)

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Hey friends! I’m going to Scotland for a week next week so I’ll be on hiatus pretty much the whole time. Will be back to blogging and drawing when I get back for sure :) peace out! Love you guys :)


So I properly watched The Breakfast Club finally and…I like the dance scene at the least ahahaa

That last one was really hard to do. I CAME CLOSE TO ANIMATING IT but animation is hard ….but I’ll keep it as something I might do later


Look at these dorks


Variant covers by Skottie Young. Marvel has never looked so adorable!

more world cup cherik 

charles (wearing his boyf’s jersey) the supporting boyf of world renowned footbal star erik lehnsherr of germany winning the world cup

We should do Mutants on Ice! Make a musical out of it.
- Michael Fassbender

3 words 8 letters, say it and I’m yours

Rockin my new magneto shirt!

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