Hey y'all. I'm a sophomore in university in the US. girl. 19. I love to draw! Send me a message if you wanna talk :)

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Erik Lehnsherr: Remember the time you dared me to fire missiles at the humans?
Charles Xavier: No, I said "Erik, don't fire missiles at the humans," and you said, "Don't tell me what to do, Charles." And then you fired missiles at the humans.

I have returned safe and sound from my awesome trip to Scotland! Had a blast!! If any of you want more juicy details as always my inbox is open and I love talking to you lovelies <3 seeing so many kilts has got me so inspired so get ready for full scottish regalia fanart in the future :P (prob next weekend when I have more time haha have to defeat the jetlag and jump right back into work tomorrow wish me luck)

Hey friends! I’m going to Scotland for a week next week so I’ll be on hiatus pretty much the whole time. Will be back to blogging and drawing when I get back for sure :) peace out! Love you guys :)


So I properly watched The Breakfast Club finally and…I like the dance scene at the least ahahaa

That last one was really hard to do. I CAME CLOSE TO ANIMATING IT but animation is hard ….but I’ll keep it as something I might do later


Look at these dorks


Variant covers by Skottie Young. Marvel has never looked so adorable!

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